Socially Conflicted

I have developed a strong interest in social media but have no idea where to start. On Facebook, my profile photo is out dated and my last status update was in August. On Twitter, I am merely a humming bird in a jungle of wild birds. I am conflicted by this “social” theory, each of us is in control of how others perceive ourselves and how we choose to perceive others. The quantity exceeds quality and the strength of our relationships become as strong as our wireless service. There is a great chance that from experience I have become immune to the marketing strategies of many businesses and an even greater chance that I am still in search of myself, unsure of how I want to be displayed. I don’t know whats scarier.. getting lost in a crowd at an event or getting lost in a sea of technological communication. I am very fond of Instagram, but I fall short as a “once in a blue” kinda gal because I am still unsure how to engage my audience. Social media has made room for a new kind of celebrity, which lives within each of us. However, the fame I aspire to have, I hope will change the world. Therefore, I want my message to be clear and consistent, to resonate and motivate, to inspire change in all that come across it and hope that they share it with others. Now the issue is how will I stop this message from becoming just another like? How will I really make my audience listen? How can I restore the quality of my “social” relationships in order to change the world?



My Inquisitive Soul 

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