Monday #Rihminder

Rihanna, iHeartRadio Music Awards

Every celebrity is unique in their own way, but Rihanna takes fashion to a whole other planet with this look. During the IHeartRadio Music Awards, the Bajan goddess appeared with a revamped top-knots look, green lipstick, and a skin exposing lace dress. The lace dress and pearls were femininely flawless and the leather jacket and green lips added that “Bad Gal” touch that Rihanna is renowned for. Now before you bash the eccentric fashionista for her extraordinary hair choice, let me #Rihmind you of one other celeb that has sported this look.

Gwen Stefani is, and always will be the mother of unconventional fashion. She sported this look in the 90’s and has always been praised for her unique sense of style. This hair-look is definitely a Once-in-a-Blue-Do in my book. Especially for a day on the beach, when you absolutely don’t want to deal with you unruly locks after a day of sand and salt water relaxation.

Check out this link for a How to of this look:

Forever Fashionista,

Daisha Perez

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