Liebster Award

Thank You Danidandannn,

I am glad to hear that you like my blog.

Your blog is very telling of your personal life; I admire your honesty.


1-Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.

2-Answer the 11 questions you’ve been set.

3-Nominate 11 bloggers with a following count of less than 1000.

4-Set 11 new questions for your nominees.


1- If you could swap places with anyone for the day who would it be? 

Queen Latifah. I feel like she lives a fun life and I also love her show!


2- Who inspires you? 

My baby sisters. #tbt


3- Dream job? 

Talk Show Host/TV Personality


4- Favourite movie of all time?

The Goofy Movie. I honestly can relate to Goofy and Max more than any other Disney characters.


5- The city or the countryside?

The city; it inspires me more than anything. However, I wouldn’t mind if the countryside was nearby.


6- Favourite quote?  

Everything has beauty; but not everyone can see it.

5- The one meal you’d be willing to eat every day?

French Fries. Hands Down.

6- What’s the best book you’ve read?

Extras. Read it if your into modern fantasy fiction, with a hint of glamour.

7- If you could visit 1 time zone, where would you choose to go?

 The 1970’s, because I’m a lost Hippie.


8- The hardest thing about blogging?

Keeping Up. Sometimes I get so caught up in my life, I forget to share.

9- Do you believe in any superstitions?

Never leave your purse on the floor, or you will lose money.


10- A singer/band you think everyone should hear?

There is this really cool rock band that occasionally performs at Cianfano’s bar in Elizabeth,NJ. They are actually performing Today (September  26) if anyone is interested! Unfortunately, I don’t know the bands name….. I’m working on it.

11- what was the last dream/nightmare you had? 

I never remember my dreams… I think its time to keep a journal, or get a Dream catcher!



Leopard Closet

à la mAUD

leonie klara

Zoë Sim







Mizshaaz Style


How old were you when you first rode a bike without training wheels?

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

If you were a director, what kind of movie would you make?

Have you ever left your hometown? Where did you go?

Where do you want to go next?

What noun describes you best? (I often associate myself with flowers)

If you found a $1000 in a lost wallet, what would you do with it?

What is the first store that comes to mind when you want to buy apparel?

Why do you believe the chicken crossed the road?

What is your greatest characteristic?

If you could solve any world issue, what would it be?

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