A Plum Guest

2014 Holiday Style

You are going to need a great outfit for all those RSVP’s that are still awaiting reply. Bring in the new year with a month of great cheer, and extraordinary company. This time of year is all about giving, so grace the one’s you love, or dare to love with your “presents”. But lets not bore them with an ugly sweater or Santa hat, and instead a new bold color. A touch of plum will give your look a fresh take on the traditional holiday reds. I put the following looks together to demonstrate the color in three different party settings.

Naughty & Nice: Wear this edgy look to a bar or an ugly sweater party. If anyone tries to get tough, cuss like a sailor and then offer them a glass of spiked eggnog. A felt leather jacket and nautical striped tee are bad ass, but a plum skirt and hologram boots are everything nice.

Champagne Please!: Wear this daring look to an office party, but if your boss is a Scrooge, save it for the after party. With this outfit and cupful, you will be the talk of the town and surely jingle all the bells. Lace is always classy, and fringe is always fun, suede is seductive, and strappy heels appeal to everyone!

Holly Jolly: This look is for a formal affair or when your off to see “A Christmas Carol”. A skirt like this will say hello to everyone you know, and everyone you meet, but the hat will keep the mystery alive and the snow flakes off your cheek. Wear extreme falsies, glittery nails, and a bold blue lip to add a futuristic touch… 2015 is right around the corner.

If you want more details on these looks, like pricing and where to buy, click here. Also, please share your thoughts by dropping a line.

Happy Holidays!

Forever Fashionista,

Daisha Perez

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